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Supersonic RC Racer Game - Everything is Awesome!! 

Get your engines started

LEGO Supersonic RC gives you five different game modes, beginning with ‘Free Driving’. This is basically a practice level, in which you really find your feet and learn how to control the RC car (at first, it’s very difficult but you’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly). And you know what they say about riding a bike...once you learn…and so on. Well, it’s the same with a LEGO car.

Anyway…in this first mode, you need to complete two laps of the checkpoint course in 2 minutes 30 seconds in order to unlock the next level, which is Checkpoint Chase’. This is a slightly hastier version of the first one and you need to reach each checkpoint in 10 seconds to unlock the next level: ‘Stunt Rally’.

Now, this is where the fun really starts, but the going also gets very tough. Drag and rag your indestructible RC car around the LEGO circuit, which consists of ramps, blocks and tight corners. Perform mid-air twists and flips, execute barrel-rolls or simply fall to the ground from a high block – either way, you’ll gain some points. This does sound a bit daft, and I agree that falling and crashing doesn’t constitute as a “stunt”, but the other tricks you can pull off are pretty cool.

Once you have completed the rally, you will unlock ‘Scavenger Hunt’ which will have you searching for hidden prizes until you reach 15,000 points. Then you’ll unlock the final level: ‘Supersonic Challenge’. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, when all of your hard work training in the previous levels really pulls off.

In this final level, you get to hit checkpoints, perform stunts and find prizes – combining all of your LEGO remote control car skills. When you reach 15,000 points, you’ll win the challenge and the game is over.

Is everything really that awesome, though?

Sadly, I don’t think it’s one you’ll want to play again. Once it’s completed, you’ll want to move on to a different game. That’s the biggest issue with LEGO Supersonic RC. There is only one map and one car and the controls are fairly clunky – at least to start off with anyway.

You control the RC car with the arrows to go forward, backwards and left to right and that’s about all you can do. You’d be better off playing Renegade Racing, which gives you the freedom to use different cars and also to do backflips and more intricate stunts.

The graphics in LEGO Supersonic RC aren’t exactly at Mario Kart standard, but that’s pretty understandable considering that it’s not a console game. The car looks quite good and you can see the boxes of LEGO on the shelves in what must be some sort of LEGO warehouse – that’s pretty cool. The music, on the other hand, is a bit annoying and you’ll probably want to press ‘S’ to mute the sound.


The shelf-life of LEGO Supersonic RC will be its biggest downfall. The longevity and replay value are quite limited. It simply does not have enough maps, cars or game modes. You’ll be able to finish the game in about an hour and you won’t want to revisit it.

Despite being a classic game from the LEGO website, Supersonic RC Racer Game does not live up to the high standard set by LEGO itself as a company and also the excellent video games it has produced, such as the LEGO Star Wars series and also LEGO Batman.

I’m sure the loyal fans, and those who like this type of game, will prove me wrong. In spite of my many criticisms, I hope many of you do enjoy LEGO Supersonic RC as it one of the worst racing games out there, and it may provide you with some fun, although definitely not for hours on end.