Destroy Cars Games

Destruction, No Derby Required

Why drive cars safely when you can destroy them? The time for safe driving is on the roads when you've got other peoples' safety to think about as well as your own, so why would you want to get involved in a driving simulator like Real Racing or Gran Turismo when you can get down, dirty, and downright destructive with games allow you to absolutely obliterate the things around you? We have a collection of games that allow you to destroy the hell out of cars and where the laws of the road are literally thrown out of the window, set on fire, and reversed over repeatedly just to prove the point of just how reckless these games allow you to be.

Destroy Cars in these great destruction derby type games at MSRA Racing Car Games. Featuring car arena games where you slam into opponent cars are try to eliminate them by blowing them up and games where you try to escape the police these games are guaranteed to satisfy the road rager in you!

Traffic Slam Arena is probably the best place to start if you're looking for high quality, low commitment, super high-explosive car-based fun. This is the kind of game where destruction is really the only thing you're aiming for. Use the directional arrows to control your car around an arena filled with other cars that are there for one purpose: for you to smash into them. Use the spacebar to perform handbrake turns, the Z key to get a view from the rear-facing camera, and the X key to activate your nitro. Smash into cars to get money, with larger sums awarded for crazier and more destructive stunts. If you like destruction, Traffic Slam Arena is an absolute must-play for you.

Another Unity game that's heavy on the destruction and sky-high on the quality of this destruction is Lose the Heat 3. Having had two previous titles to refine its very particular brand of destructive entertainment, Lose the Heat 3 involves escaping from police that are chasing you. While you're supposed to protect your own car, the destruction comes in trying to escape and often crush the cars that are tailing you by activating various disasters such as a log spill or massive explosions that destroy the heat behind you. While probably not as destructive as many would like, the car chase aspect brings a new dimension of tension to the action, and for that reason, Lose the Heat 3 is in a class of its own. It's a shame about the crappy menu music though, right?

While being skilled at burning rubber won't mean you'll be featured on the front page of next month's F1 Racing Magazine, there's no way not to enjoy the rapid burning of various materials that make up your opponent's vehicles in Crash Car Combat. The simplicity of this game is where it gets you because all that's involved is a relatively small arena with your car and a few others. Each car has a damage bar and your goal is to empty this bar so that you destroy the opposition vehicles. Directional arrows allow you to move around and press X to drift. This really is one of the most entertaining destroy cars games we have, so enjoy the destruction of Crash Car Combat liberally and as violently as possible.