Best Racing Games

Sometimes when you're looking for high-octane action in the flash world, you might not have the luxury of consecutive hours with which to browse the extensive catalogue of racing games at MSRA Racing. So instead of having to spend your precious time looking through our pages, it may benefit you to check through our collection of best racing games instead. This way you can avoid running into anything that isn't the very best in its field, be it racing, biking, ATV or any other manner of genre that involves instantly entertaining action at no cost to you. Each of the games in this best racing section are extremely entertaining and are guaranteed to be the best of the best in terms of entertainment and quality.

By far one of the most popular amongst racing fans and definitely one of the most well-known series of racing games on the entire internet is Uphill Rush. You'll find the entire series here from the very basic beginnings of the original Uphill Rush to the relatively complex and content-packed Uphill Rush 5. The latter offers up some pretty intense tracks that range from massive water parks with huge jumps, loop-the-loops, and cash-grabbing opportunities to more unusual courses. The game involves some physics-dependent manoeuvring as well as some stunt-performing skill and heavy customisation of your vehicle/character. If you're going to start anywhere, make sure it's with Uphill Rush 5.

Another one of the more well-known titles amongst the racing games here is Fast and Furious 5. This is more akin to a traditional racing game than the Uphill Rush games and will be very popular with fans of The Fast and The Furious saga. Fast and Furious 5 is a Unity-based game so expect graphics that are superior to your average flash game. If you can ignore some minor bugs, this game will pass some time as you begin on the streets of Brazil with a minute to get to your destination, with many more racing trials to keep you entertained throughout.

If you're into the old-school racing games of the past such as F-Zero, then you might want to give Freegear a chance since its retro style yet remarkably detailed physics engine and gameplay will please most racing fans. Choose either quick race or tournament mode and race against a variety of cars in a number of different weather conditions. Freegear will definitely tickle the nostalgia bones for some hardcore, old-school racing fans.

If the above titles still aren't going it for you. then it could be more entertaining to work outside the law, by engaging in a car chase with them to be exact. Lose the Heat 3 is probably the best of our police pursuit games but it is also hands-down one of the most popular racing games online. Cause devastation to the police trailing behind you by causing explosions and unfortunate traffic blocks for them as you lose your tail and triumph over the law in one of the most impressive pursuit games available.   

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