The Very Best Car Games To Keep You In Top Gear

Supersonic RC Racer

screenshot of Supersonic RC Racer game

What the title of this game doesn’t actually tell you is that it is in fact a LEGO game! Now that’s got your attention, hasn’t it?! Be the driver of a remote control LEGO car. Be a child again – or if you are still a child, then keep being one. Even though you won’t be part of a team, everything will be totally awesome in Supersonic RC Racer Game as you race against the clock, discover prizes and perform death-defying stunts you don't see in the likes of fellow LEGO game Slot Racer.

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Vehicles 2

screenshot of vehicles 2 game

If you’re taking a trip to the city, be mindful of the rules of the road since you’ll be at the mercy of the relentless municipal vehicles that patrol the town. Vehicles 2 from the superb Notdoppler allows you to take control of these vehicles and sort out the emergent situations of the city by ramming law-breakers off the road and dealing with any physics-based problem that comes your way.

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Neon Race 2

screenshot of neon race 2 game

Regular lighting is so 2013; what if I want something a little more retro? Neon Race 2 is the answer to your racing-game worries and will take you on a journey of vibrantly-coloured and smoothly-executed gameplay in which you will race, ram, and upgrade your car to your heart’s content.

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Sim Taxi

screenshot of sim taxi game

It’s not big, but it is yellow and it is a taxi, so come and see if you’re meant for the cab-driving profession by ferrying fares around the local area and earning cash to upgrade your taxi from a bucket to a road beast. 

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Nuclear Outrun

screenshot of nuclear outrun game

Zombies. Weapons. All-terrain vehicles. Nuclear holocaust. Did I mention Zombies? Instead of trying to convey the brilliance of Nuclear Outrun in traditional sentence form, I thought I’d let a list do the talking (as well as the fact that there is now a Nuclear Outrun for iPhone. This distance-based shooting game uses realistic physics and not-so-realistic zombie mutants to bring you one of the most entertaining fusions of genre that you will ever play.

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Nuclear Outrun 2

I rather enjoy a little dabble now and then into the distance-based genre, and time after time I feel that something is missing from these games. Well, I used to feel this way until I played Nerdook Productions' Nuclear Outrun, which boldly ticks the distance-based box with a high-quality permanent marker and also manages to throw in equal amounts of shooting and irradiated zombies, just in case the player wasn’t already impressed enough. One thing keeps running through my mind when playing the game: as the missile nears the conclusion of its descent and the instant microwaving of my face at the hand of nuclear fission is imminent, I sometimes wonder why there doesn’t exist a sequel to the game? Judging by the quality of the original, I was convinced that Nuclear Outrun 2 has already done us all a favour and sprung into existence. I was surprised to find that this was not the case, so I guess there’s no harm in pondering the future features and possibilities that Nuclear Outrun 2 could deliver. 

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